Handle spreader(3L)
Directions for use:
1.Hold spreader over pavement when filling
2.Adjust spreader selector settings
Your product instructions will indicate the number of pounds of material to be applied per 1,000 sq. ft.(application rate)
If the rate is right (1 lb. to 2lbs. Per 1,000 sq. ft.), reduce the selector setting one number below the Recommended Selector Setting.
If the rate is heavy (5 lbs. to 6 lbs. Per 1,000 sq. ft.), reduce the selector setting one number above the Recommended Selector Setting.
3.Pull trigger and turn crank clockwise while walking at normal speed across area to be covered with product.
4.Cover a small area (about 10 feet square) to test rate setting for desired coverage.
Ad just rate setting as necessary.
5.Repeat step 2,covering remainder of area.
6.Avoid spreading in wind. Never spread toxic or hazardous material without protective gear.
7.Rinse spreader thoroughly after use
Material                   Setting
Fine Grass Seedsˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­1
Coarse Grass Seedsˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­2
Light Fertilizerˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­3
Heavy Fertilizerˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­4
Palletized Fertilizer & Ice Meltersˇ­5